• Travis Johnson Founder / Owner / Operator
  • Robin Martin Seedhouse
    Robin Martin Seedhouse Floor Director
  • Lindsay Bevan
    Lindsay Bevan Aerial Silks / Director of Operations
  • Alex Thornton
    Alex Thornton Aerial Silks / Aerial Hoop & Static Trapeze
  • Samantha Hall
    Samantha Hall Contortion / Ring Masters
  • Meregon Kiddo
    Meregon Kiddo Dept. Head Aerial Silks
  • Laura Furtado
    Laura Furtado Sales & Marketing
  • Pixie-Ann Mathura
    Pixie-Ann Mathura Aerial Silks
  • Meagan Stuart
    Meagan Stuart Trampoline / Ring Masters
  • Lara Macfarlane
    Lara Macfarlane Aerial Silks / House Troupe
  • Cindy Lan
    Cindy Lan Aerial Silks / House Troupe
  • Adrian Dawson
    Adrian Dawson Circus Works / House Troupe
  • Isaac Eva
    Isaac Eva House Troupe
  • Abigail Patchell
    Abigail Patchell House Troupe
  • Jessica Ainsworth
    Jessica Ainsworth
  • Talia Delany
    Talia Delany House Troupe
  • Aleasha Holtby
    Aleasha Holtby Aerial Hoop & Static Trapeze
  • Forrest Martin Seedhouse
    Forrest Martin Seedhouse Aerial Silks / Trampoline / House Troupe
  • Mathew Tamaki-Chu
    Mathew Tamaki-Chu House Troupe / Trampoline / Tumbling
  • Finley Cox
    Finley Cox Aerial Hoop & Static Trapeze / House Troupe
  • Jason Jang
    Jason Jang Hand to Hand Acrobatics
  • Sherrie Lofthouse
    Sherrie Lofthouse Accountant
  • Yuko Sakamaki
    Yuko Sakamaki Accountant
  • Kassandra Montgomery
    Kassandra Montgomery Location Manager

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