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New video of our head silks coach Meregon showing off her skills on the aerial silks at the Vancouver Circus School in New Westminster! We sat down with Meregon to ask her a few questions about her experiences as an aerial silks coach for the past several years at VCS.

VCS: How long have you been at the Vancouver Circus School?

Meregon: Well, this past September was my 4 year anniversary since becoming a student at the school. I was one of the first adult student that VCS had, and I was also the first student to become an instructor.

VCS: How did you get involved?

Meregon: I was working at a community day event in West Van with Nigel Wakita (a childhood friend.) Travis Johnson had come to the event because he wanted to see a yo-yo performance that Nigel was doing, and he brought along a group of student silk performers who had rigged some silks off a swingset on the beach. That was my first time seeing an aerial silk performance, after the show I got as much info as I could from Travis and then signed up as a student in 2006. After 9months of adult classes, I was invited to do my first proffessional show with Inner Ring Circus, and was later invited to start coaching for the school.

VCS: What are the best parts of being a silks coach?

Meregon: Watching with delight seeing students overcome thier fears and personal barriers (especially the adult students)

VCS: What the ideal qualities that make for a good student?

Meregon: Good silk students need a willingness to challenge themselves and an internal drive to succeed. Our program at VCS is set up to work at the students pace, the students who excel are the students who really want it for themselves.

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