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This workshop will focus on aerial duos on Silks and rope. Students will learn various Basing positions, catch release techniques, new tricks and understanding the different ways the silk/rope is manipulated when two people are performing on it . Whilst a double act can take a while to create and ticks take time to learn, this workshop will give students the foundations needed to start creating their own material!


PREREQUISITE: Registrants must be at an intermediate or advanced skill level on Aerial Silks or Rope. You must also enroll with a partner or friend.

Our Duo Aerials workshop is for teen & adults (15yrs+), is a 90 minute class, $30.00 + tax per class, and runs for 2 month sessions at our New Westminster location.

The workshop runs on Saturdays at 3:30pm-5:00pm.

CLICK HERE to register online or contact of offices for more information.

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