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The Vancouver Circus School Ring Master program presents “Heroes, Gods and Monsters,” a Greek mythology themed circus show that mixes the magic of circus arts with legendary tales from an ancient world. Soar through the air with Icarus in his fated escape from the labyrinth, and discover the curiosity of Pandora and the box that would unleash all of the evil into the world. Greek mythology is full of wonder, magic and witchcraft, danger and excitement… and you are invited to experience circus arts on an epic scale in our 2019 year-end showcase, taking place at the Vancouver Circus School in North Van.

This years production elevates the circus show experience with brand-new collection of acts from the Senior, Intermediate and Junior students. We have an exciting mix of engaging theater, dance and circus elements, captivating choreography and hypnotic costumes that will fascinate both newcomers and seasoned guests alike.

Lead by a diverse group of seasoned performers and athletes, Ring Master program is one that is committed to the creative and professional development of its students.

Our hope is to inspire both children and adult audiences to learn more about the exciting tales of the Greek gods, their evil minions, and the heroes that changed the world.

Location: Vancouver Circus School
1525 Welch Street, North Vancouver
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Covid-19 Update: To help stop the spread of Covid-19, we will be running classes for those up to 14yrs and private lessons for adults throughout April. Registration is online. To receive the most up to date information, please create an account and subscribe to our emails.
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