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VCS was recently featured in a segment on the OWN Canada (Oprah Winfrey Network) show Buy.o.logic. The segment was about treating cuts, and we were honoured to host Isla Traquair and her team.

Check out the full segment we were featured in.


About the Show:

Hemorrhoid horror stories. Bad breath battles. The facts behind foot fungus. These are just a few of the topics tackled on Buy.o.logic, where health meets shopping. No medical ailment is off limits, no health care product is safe from scrutiny, and no test is too outrageous to tackle.

Host and acclaimed investigative reporter Isla Traquair has dedicated her life to uncovering how everyday products affect our health. Now she’s ready (and surprisingly willing) to even put herself to the test. She’ll do whatever it takes to help viewers make smart buys for their bodies.

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