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New Westminster newspaper The Record has featured an article on the circus school and our upcoming New Year’s gala show ‘Kuru Kuru Pa!” Here is a small selection from the article, be sure to read the full report here.

Maintaining a ratio of six students for each teacher, the school now runs 200 classes each week, helping 500 aspiring trampolinists learn the finer points of the gravity-defying craft.

Just last week Vancouver Circus School was named best small business by the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce, but for the moment, Johnson is singularly focused on Dec. 31.

The show, which has been in heavy rehearsals for the past month, is scheduled to centre around 12 performers taking to the sky with aerial silk, a unicyclist, a yo-yo champion and a manipulation artist who needs to be seen to be believed, according to Johnson.

“He can hold a ring in space and move his body completely around it without moving the ring,” he explained.

The show is called Kuru-Kuru-Pa. Kuru Kuru is a Japanese term meaning to twirl, and by adding “pa” at the end, the phrase means crazy. … Although the Burr Theatre performance won’t be able to match the grandeur of Cirque du Soleil, Johnson said it’s a rare opportunity for New Westminster residents to see a blend of artistry and athleticism up close.

“You’re going to see people do things that you would never see in such an intimate setting,” Johnson said.



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