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The Rainbow Learning System (RLS) is a progressive method of teaching and learning for both instructors and students. Developed and updated over many years, the Vancouver Circus School’s Rainbow Learning System (RLS) programs are taught using instructional scaffolding as a central principal. By sorting fundamental and complex skills into their appropriate groups, our colour coated level system encourages small steps and obtainable expectations. Students are lead by seasoned circus artists and teachers, through an established curriculum of safe, challenging and fun physical literacy.

Seeing progress is important to the Vancouver Circus School, so at the end of each session, younger students receive constructive feedback on level cards as part of their formative assessment, proving to themselves that progress is being made. The RLS’ goal is to promote strong, artistic and independent development of any student who wishes to be better than their former self.

I do, we do, you do.

Rainbow juggle balls


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