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Vancouver Circus School invites students ages 6 – 16 to sign up for Winter Spectacular!

First Week: Mon Dec 14th, Wed Dec 16th, Thurs Dec 17th, Fri Dec 18th. Bar Code: 236823 (show on Friday)

Second Week: Mon Dec 28th, Tues Dec 29th, Wed Dec 30th Bar Code: 236831 (no show for this week)

Call the North Van Rec Centre (our gym facility) at 604.987.7529 to register!


Adults: We understand how hard it can be when the Christmas Holiday Break affects your progress in class!

We have added some classes in December:

Mon Dec 14th – Silks, Trampoline, Trapeze: 7:00pm, 8:00pm

Mon Dec 28th – Silks, Trampoline, Trapeze: 7:00pm, 8:00pm

Wed Dec 29th – 6:00pm Silks, Trampoline, Trapeze

We have added the following class for ADULTS for t JANUARY session:

Thursdays Jan 14 – March 18th: 5:30pm Aerial Silk: two classes: Bar Codes: 239461 and 239463


Don’t miss out on these classes!

Register today! 604.987.7529


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