Summer Camps

Maple Ridge

Summer Camps 2019

This summer the Vancouver Circus School will be hosting 3 camp weeks at The Act Arts Centre in Maple Ridge!

Join the Vancouver Circus School for the ultimate camp experience! Run away and join the circus with high flying Aerial Silks, beyond bouncy Trampolines, gloriously goofy Juggling Props, and more! These unique day camps are geared towards youth aged 6-16, and welcome all fitness levels and abilities.

Throughout the camp students learn and develop skills rehearsing for the Big Show at the end of the week. Parents, family and friends are invited to share in the achievements of all their little dare devils, acrobats and little aerialists as they showcase their week of fun and adventure at the circus!


Week 1   July 2 – July 5 (Course Barcode Number: 3847)

Week 2   July 8 – July 12 (Course Barcode Number: 3848)

Week 3   July 15 – July 19 (Course Barcode Number: 3849)

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