The Vancouver Circus School offers a wide range of physical literacy based circus classes, our programs follow the Rainbow Learning System which is a VCS develop progressive teaching system for recreational circus programs. It has a framework that will allow almost anyone to achieve his or her dream of performing in a circus.

The skills that students acquire at the school form a solid foundation for learning advanced circus work leading, perhaps, to a professional circus career. The system is a 100% recreational, it is fun and it is designed to meet many long term physical objectives. We offer classes in the following age groups:

  • 3 – 6yrs
  • 6 – 8yrs

8 – 14yrs


Please note: Session registration closes halfway through the session. Once this deadline has past, classes are available as drop – in only. Drop ins are subjected to availability and may be cancelled if a student registers for the entire session and takes the last spot in a class. Adult drop in classes are $30 + tax.

All session registration must be completed online. All drop in registration must be completed through our office.


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