Vancouver Circus School COVID-19 Policies and Procedures


Your health, and the health of our employees, continue to be our top priorities. More than anything, we want you to feel safe and comfortable while you’re training in our facilities. Therefore, we are making updates to our facility and class protocols to create a safe training environment for everyone.



Drop ins to regularly scheduled classes are currently not permitted. When the circumstances allow it, we will look into how we can safely accommodate drop ins once again.




At this time, we will unfortunately not be holding group visits and birthday parties in our space. If you would like to book an outside workshop, we can do that! Please contact for information on off-site workshops.



Group classes are currently running at full capacity.



Effective August 25, masks are to be worn in our facility when not training by everyone 12 years and older. This includes before and after class and when walking through the River Market, regardless of vaccination status.



As of October 25, proof of full (2 shot) vaccination is currently required for those 22 years and older to attend classes and open training at our facility using the vaccine passport. For more information on vaccine passports, please visit this link:




Research has shown that the COVID-19 virus can live on fabric for 24-72 hours, and therefore we will ensure that all participants have their own aerial equipment.

Not comfortable using our silks? Not a problem! Vancouver Circus School will be selling aerial silks, through our new equipment and prop store, Big Top Props! We’ll even store it for you! In situations where sharing may be necessary, we will ensure a clear 72hr window.

After using the aerial silks, students will wipe down their mats with Lysol wipes provided.




All participants will be required to wear socks or trampoline shoes while jumping. The trampoline beds and mats will be sanitized following each use.




Contortion and Handstands group classes will be limited to five people to ensure 6 ft social distancing between participants. All participants will be given a yoga mat to train on and their own set of equipment. Following each training, all equipment, including the yoga mat, will be wiped down with a Lysol wipe provided.




At the current time, the upstairs of the River Market will continue to be “closed” to the public. The River Market have confirmed that they will reopen the upstairs bathroom for our use only and will continue to clean it and wipe down commonly touched areas throughout our training time. They have also covered commonly touched areas, such as door handles, with copper foil.




We will ask students to please wait outside the space for their classes to begin.

To ensure social distancing and to control the flow of people, all students will enter the space using the Vancouver Circus School’s outside entrance (please use the BLUE outside stairs to the south of Donald’s Market) and will exit using the upstairs door in the River Markets common area. Signs will indicate the flow of traffic.

Students will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering the space, leaving the space, and any time they change apparatuses. No exceptions. They will, of course, be welcome to excuse themselves to the washroom to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer at any time throughout training.

No spectators are allowed in the space at this time.




All coaches must wear a masks in the space. Please ensure that your face mask secures behind the ears and does not tie behind your head. This could pose a choking hazard on the equipment.

Please limit the number of surfaces you touch unnecessarily while you’re here. Please social distance at least 6ft from other participants.

If you feel sick at all, please do not come to the gym. If you have a booked class and feel ill, please contact us and we will cancel for you.

Please refrain from going back and forth to your personal belongs during class. Please place any required personal items, such as water bottles and phone, by your apparatus so you can easily use them if needed.

Participants will not be allowed to refill their water bottles using the water station at the bottom of the escalators or the washrooms. Please pack a large water bottle (or two) to ensure you have enough water during training.

Participants will not be able to change in the washrooms or in our training facility. Please come ready to train.

For social distancing purposes, students may not enter the VCS office space or VCS staff room unless given permission by a member of the VCS administrative team.

All students will be given a clean yoga mat to use as a stretching/rest area to prevent participants from sitting on and unnecessarily touching the carpeted floors. Carpeted floors will be disinfected daily. All shared equipment, such as chalk boxes, have been removed from the facility.

In regards to spotting skills, it will be up to each coach’s and participant’s discretion, and whether they both feel it can be accomplished safely for all involved. Direct spotting on Trampoline is not allowed.


Our policies and procedures may update over the coming weeks based on the new recommendations sent out by VIA SPORT, Worksafe BC, and feedback from you.

All students must read and abide by all new VCS COVID 19 Policies and Procedures. Failure to follow new policies or social distancing may result in refusal of service.


Thank you for your ongoing support during this transition. We look forward to seeing you in class again soon!

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