Ring Masters Program

The Vancouver Circus School’s Ring Master Program is one that is committed to the creative and professional development of its students.

Lead by a diverse group of seasoned performers and athletes, the program’s coaches are wholly dedicated to sharing their craft with Ring Master student’s. Namely, the coaches’ foci include, developing students’ technical proficiency, fostering their creative growth, furthering their performance aptitude, and by and large, preparing them for entering the performance industry. Individuals wishing to progress from a recreational student to a performing artist may find what they are looking for in the Ring Master program.

Ring Masters

Ring Masters

Audition Prerequisites

Ring Master Professional Development Program candidate must:

  • Be a minimum age of 15 years old
  • Have a training experience in a sport, such as dance, circus arts, gymnastics, theatre etc
  • Must be capable of physically demanding training, be free of injury and of solid constitution (6-13 hours of technical training plus informal personal training per week)
  • Motivated and available to dedicate oneself to obtaining a high skill and performance level

The Ring Master Program audition will include testing in the following areas:

*For video demonstrations click on the skill you’d like to see*

Ring Master Application Form

Step 1 of 2

  • Please list the length of study and the type of apparatus/discipline.
  • Please list any additional relevant training (dance, gymnastics, musical theater etc). Include any quirky/special talents you feel we should know about!
  • If accepted into the program what are your short term (1yr) and long term (3-5yrs) goals.

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