Ring Masters Program

The Vancouver Circus School’s Ring Master Program is one that is committed to the creative and professional development of its students.

Lead by a diverse group of seasoned performers and athletes, the program’s coaches are wholly dedicated to sharing their craft with Ring Master student’s. Namely, the coaches’ foci include, developing students’ technical proficiency, fostering their creative growth, furthering their performance aptitude, and by and large, preparing them for entering the performance industry. Individuals wishing to progress from a recreational student to a performing artist may find what they are looking for in the Ring Master program.

The Ring Master program is divided into three training groups:

  • Junior (ages 8-14)
  • Intermediate (ages 12-16)
  • Senior (ages 16+)
Ring Masters

Ring Masters

Audition Prerequisites

Ring Master Professional Development Program candidate must:

  • Have a training experience in a sport, such as dance, circus arts, gymnastics, theatre etc
  • Must be capable of physically demanding training and of solid constitution (6-13 hours of technical training plus informal personal training per week)
  • Motivated and available to dedicate oneself to obtaining a high skill and performance level

The Ring Master Program audition will include testing in the following areas:

*For video demonstrations click on the skill you’d like to see*

Strength Testing (Junior/Intermediate/Senior)

Flexibility Testing

Movement/Dance Testing

  • Kick switches
  • Grand Battement
  • Grand Jete
  • Movement Exercise
  • Choreography (8 count)

Skill Testing

  • Skin the cat
  • Straight Leg Inversion
  • Silk Climb
  • Forward Roll Variation
  • Backward Roll Variation
  • Cartwheel Variation
  • Kick to Handstand
  • Arabesque/Y-scale
  • Crow
  • Side Planche
  • Tuck Jump – Straddle Jump – Pike Jump – Full turn (Trampoline)
  • Craddle
  • Cat Twist

 Artistry Evaluation

  • Senior
    • One 3-5 minute solo on the apparatus of choice to song of choice
    • One 1 minute improv on the apparatus of choice to song of evaluator’s choice
  • Intermediate
    • One 3-5 minute solo on the apparatus of choice to song of choice
  • Junior
    • Skill demo on the apparatus of choice

 Additional Info

  • Please bring with you and be ready to discuss:
    • previous circus training
    • previous training in other disciplines
    • personal goals

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Covid-19 Update: To help stop the spread of Covid-19, we will be running classes for those up to 14yrs and private lessons for adults throughout May. Registration is online. To receive the most up to date information, please create an account and subscribe to our emails.
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