Ring Master Audition Information

Auditions for the 2021 – 2022 Ring Masters program are scheduled for August 2, 2021 4:00pm PST at our New Westminster location. Please contact us below to join. Unable to make it? Not a problem. We can set up an alternative time or arrange a video submission.


Ring Master Professional Development Program candidate must:

  • Have a training experience in a sport, such as dance, circus arts, gymnastics, theatre, etc.
  • Must be capable of physically demanding training and of solid constitution (8-16 hours of technical training plus informal personal training per week)
  • Motivated and available to dedicate oneself to obtaining a high skill and performance level

The Ring Master Program audition will include testing in the following areas:


Skill Testing

  • Juggling (3 club cascade 60 sec./3 ball cascade 60 sec./3 ball cascade)
  • Front & back rolls (yes/yes/yes)
  • Handstand to f-roll (yes/yes/no)
  • Back extension (yes/no/no)
  • Dive roll (yes/yes/yes)
  • Cartwheel (yes/yes/yes)
  • Round off (yes/yes/no)
  • Front handspring (yes/yes/no)
  • Front tuck (yes/attempt/no)
  • Back tuck (yes/on trampoline/no)
  • Back handspring (yes/on trampoline/no)
  • Back walkover (yes/yes/no)
  • Front walkover (yes/no/no)
  • Two high column: (on each other/on coach/on coach)
  • Cradle (yes/yes/no)
  • Cat twist (yes/yes/no)
  • Cruise (yes/yes/no)
  • Extra acrobatic skills (at discretion)

Strength Testing

Artistry Testing

Group A

  • One 3-5 minute solo on the apparatus of choice to song of choice
  • One 1 minute improv on the apparatus of choice to song of evaluator’s choice

Group B

  • One 3-5 minute solo on the apparatus of choice to song of choice

Group C

  • Skill demo on the apparatus of choice

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