Robin Martin SeedhouseFloor Director

    Robin’s acrobatic journey began almost 20 years ago with a fateful introduction to Gymnastics which opened the door to the wonderful world of being encouraged to jump and flip over things instead of reprimanded.

    Since then he has been training, competing and even occasionally accidentally preforming in a number of acrobatic disciplines across three continents

    At the age of 15 he started teaching other people how spend their time upside down in a more or less safe manner.

    He is a trained level 2 Trampoline, and Artistic Gymnastics Instructor, has been through the teacher training programs of a number of different parkour and free running organizations, has worked as a partner acrobatics instructor, generally has a habit of making new friends by offering to teach them how to do a back flip, and has used all these things to get to teach at a number of clubs and circus schools.

    To take his love of movement a step further Robin’s next path has led him to join the Vancouver Circus School as our Floor Director. We are thrilled to have such a positive, knowledgable and passionate individual join our family and look forward to his growth and potential with the circus school. Welcome Robin!

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