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The Vancouver Circus School is a family-owned circus and acrobatic school operating in BC’s Lower Mainland, offering classes for every BODY. Whether you’re looking for a one-time visit, a new recreational activity, or are striving to perform professionally, we have a program for you! We welcome students of all ages and abilities to come and learn the art of circus. Come and surprise yourself with what you are capable of!


Ring Masters is the professional development program of the Vancouver Circus School. With a focus on technicality and act creation, students will take their circus abilities to the next level, in a creative and supportive environment. They will have the opportunity to enhance their skills in many circus disciplines while also putting focus into their preferred apparatus.


VCS offers a wide range of physical literacy based circus classes, following the Rainbow Learning System, specifically developed by VCS for recreational circus programs. It has a framework that will allow almost anyone to achieve his or her dream of performing in a circus.

The skills that students acquire form a solid foundation for learning advanced circus work leading, perhaps, to a professional circus career. The system is 100% recreational, tons of fun, and designed to meet many long term physical objectives. We offer classes for those 3 and up!

Big Top Toddlers (0-5 yrs) Recreational Classes


Camps at the Vancouver Circus School are an exciting and fun way for school aged kids and teens to spend their spring, summer, and winter breaks! Participants can spend a half or full day running away with the circus, learning skills on trampoline, aerials, juggling, tumbling and more as well as engaging in a multitude of games and creative exercises.


Come spend your birthday at the Vancouver Circus School for a unique and fun experience that will amaze your guests. On your special day, you and your friends will be able to learn skills on the trampoline, aerial silks and juggling, taught by a group of our amazing coaches. A circus birthday is an exciting and unforgettable experience that anyone can take part in!

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The Vancouver Circus School supports the Social Circus Foundation, a charity organization supporting physical literacy in the circus arts for at risk and marginalized communities within Canada and around the world. The foundation empowers youth by promoting personal and social development through learning new skills and building confidence.

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