Do you have what it takes?

The Vancouver Circus School’s Ring Master Program is one that is committed to the creative and professional development of its students.

Lead by a diverse group of seasoned performers and athletes, the program’s coaches are wholly dedicated to sharing their craft with Ring Master student’s. Namely, the coaches’ foci include, developing students’ technical proficiency, fostering their creative growth, furthering their performance aptitude, and by and large, preparing them for entering the performance industry.

Individuals wishing to progress from a recreational student to a performing artist may find what they are looking for in the Ring Master program.

Ring Masters is a professional development program because of its core beliefs that passion and play can translate into a valuable and stable career. While it is not expected that all Ring Masters pursue the path towards becoming a professional circus artist, it is expected that Ring Masters learn to value their talent and the means to cultivate it. Ring Masters are expected to apply dedication, discipline, and exploration as a process of cultivating talent, and are equally expected to display measurable results as the outcome of their effort.

Although non-competitive at heart, the Ring Masters program is also one that is growing quickly and ever-evolving. Its most sustained feature is its provision of boundless support to its students in achieving any ambitions that they may have for themselves as aspiring circus performers. Indeed, our coaches are entirely committed to helping the Ring Masters students discover their inner artist and achieve their personal best.

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